My organisation is of the Christian faith-a Church. We work with all ages of people, with a focus on families. As a result, we have 2-3 generations of families in our congregation, from grandparents to grand-children.

I have had the opportunity of participating in trainings, e.g. How to write successful funding applications, Project Management, How to complain successfully, and events like Peace breakfasts, AGMs etc.

My organisation has benefited from these activities in the sense that we were able to get some Funding to deliver a Youth Project and Capacity Building. As an organisation, we are now able to manage our projects better and also take complaints seriously.

Personally, I have always had respect for all people because I believe we are all made in the image of God. But never had an opportunity to have a dialogue with people of other faiths. I am able to do so now because of the great work the Multi-Faith Forum is doing in Southwark.

SMFF has made me aware of the different faith groups that are in operation. Through dialogue we can be able to tolerate each other and go beyond a person’s faith. There are still so many faith groups in Southwark that are not engaging. I challenge them to come together and be part of our dialogue.