Muslims are people who follow or practice Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion.



There are five steps in burial procedure, which specifies washing, dressing, and positioning of the body; the first step is traditional washing of the body by Muslim of same gender. As the moment of death approaches, the Islamic Creed should be recited.

Confession of sins and beeging forgiveness must occur in the presence of family before death.


Prayer is performed 5 times a day facing Mecca, after ritual washing (dawn, mid-day, mid-afternoon, sunset, night); face, hands and feet are washed before prayer.
Days of observance occur throughout the Muslim lunar calendar.
Friday is a holy day when Muslims pray together at noon as congregation at the mosque; it is permissible to work on Fridays except for during prayer time.

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I became a member of SMFF in 2006. l enjoy their events particularly the training and open forum meetings. SMFF has done alot of work in trying to bridge the gap between faith groups and the Council. With the information gained from the forum l now have confidence in the working of the Council and have a greater understanding of how to voice my concerns and influence decisions. I now

Margaret Cullen, Church of the Lord Aladura
My organisation is of the Christian faith-a Church. We work with all ages of people, with a focus on families. As a result, we have 2-3 generations of families in our congregation, from grandparents to grand-children. I have had the opportunity of participating in trainings, e.g. How to write successful funding applications, Project Management, How to complain successfully, and events like Peace breakfasts, AGMs etc. My organisation has benefited from

Pastor Yei, Tower Christian Fellowship
We appreciate this kind of training and expect this will be continued as we can now fill in the application by ourselves (Participant, How to write a funding application) My confidence in applying and conceiving projects has increased and I can go ahead and send an application (Participant, How to write a funding application) It was a really good evening , I enjoyed the singing and the Turkish dancers (Participant

Participant , Teenage Pregnancy Meeting
We are a charity organisation, offering counselling services, After School Service, Youth and OAP support and a place of worship among other projects. SMFF offers our organisation support, advice on training and services available in Southwark. I have attended various training and meetings i.e. Planning Workshop, Health & Safety, Child Protection, Applying for funding and meeting councillors and stakeholders in Southwark. All the above has helped us to identify areas

Phelicia Agugu, Project Manager Community Outreach Ministries