SMFF was founded in 2003 and coordinated by Southwark Council until 2009. The current website shows the work during that time. SMFF is now coordinated by volunteers developing new ways of working to help connect the good work that is happening all over the borough.

Anyone keen on inter-faith or multi-faith activities are welcome to join with us. What you can do:

• Join the SMFF mailing list to receive the new SMFF News Emails with information about inter-faith & multi-faith initiatives.
• Encourage others you know to join the mailing list.
• Let us know what your own interests are and how you can help to spread the word about SMFF.
• If you have any time to help us in the development work, contact us to find out more.

We cannot access all parts of the website yet so not all details will be up to date.

15 December 2010

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