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Annual General Meeting

SMFF membership form Membership form 24  November  2009 Download
Management committee pack0809 Management committee pack 24  November  2009 Download
Financial Report 0708 Financial report SMFF 0708 21  November  2008 Download
Achievement for 2007/08 List of achievement 08/09 24  November  2009 Download
Nominations to AGM nominations form 24  November  2009 Download
Notice to AGM 2008/9 Notice to AGM 24  November  2009 Download
AGM voting process Nominations forms for the Management Committee 13  February  2008 Download
Election of a Board Member Board Member Election Pack 13  February  2008 Download
Draft Agenda Draft Agenda 13  February  2008 Download
Annual Report Southwark Multi-Faith Forum Accounts 2007 19  February  2008 Download
Annual Report Southwark Multi-Faith Forum 2008/9 Report 24  November  2009 Download
SMFF ABBREVIATED ACCOUNTS 2009 Southwark Multi-Faith Forum Abbreviated Accounts 2009 24  November  2009 Download


Annual Report Southwark Multi-Faith Forum Accounts 19  February  2008 Download
''Smacking- Discipline or Abuse?'' Draft Agenda 4  February  2008 Download
Media Training for Faith Groups Training course Outline and Booking sheet 3  January  2008 Download

General Reports

Southwark Multi Faith forum to date Achievements in 2007/8 6  March  2008 Download
Open Forum Meeting Smacking or Abuse 4  March  2008 Download
Open Forum Meeting Teenage Pregnancy 21  February  2008 Download


How to do a Fundraising Application Course Outline 18  March  2008 Download
Sex, Relationships Education & Child Protection for Faith Groups Training course outline and booking form 23  February  2008 Download
Training Courses for Faith, Community and Voluntary Sectors Booking Details 18  March  2008 Download
Community Safety booking form Booking form for community safety courses 13  March  2006 Download
Community Safety Training Course Free community safety courses of varying kinds 13  March  2006 Download
Health Advocacy Article 23  February  2006 Download
SOUTHWARK MULTIFAITH TRAINING PROGRAMME 2007-2008 You will find all planned training events for this financial year 07/08 included. 26  March  2007 Download


Personal Stocktaking Personal everyday reflection 23  February  2006 Download
Logic model worksheet worksheet 23  February  2006 Download
Financial Template Budget worksheet 23  February  2006 Download

Needs Assessments

Service needs assessment Can be used to assess a service to the community 24  February  2006 Download
Job needs assessment How to scope job needs 23  February  2006 Download
Skills Profile A record of your personal strengths and weaknesses. 23  February  2006 Download


Leadership 101 Learning how to lead 23  February  2006 Download
Building People Skills How to develop your people skills 23  February  2006 Download
Basic Advocacy Basic advocacy for Faith Groups 23  February  2006 Download
Presentation Skills How to do better presentations 23  February  2006 Download

Planning and Organising

Running a Workshop How to organize a workshop 23  February  2006 Download
Project Template Help with project planning 23  February  2006 Download
General Organising Improving on how you organise events generally 23  February  2006 Download
Action Plan Action planning 23  February  2006 Download


MultiFaith Calendar 2009 Calendar 23  November  2009 Download
Funeral Arrangements If you need to arrange a funeral 23  February  2006 Download


Constitution Sample group constitution 23  February  2006 Download
General Induction Outline induction process 23  February  2006 Download
Newsletter Skills How to create a newsletter 23  February  2006 Download

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